Monday, November 12, 2012

Fall into Winter

We had our first snow here in Durango this weekend.

Unfortunately, it melted pretty quickly. But fortunately - after raking for three weekends straight - we got up all the leaves just in time!

Here was the before (this is only about a third of the backyard):

After the first weekend and only getting the front yard done, we decided to rent a leaf vacuum. We rented it for 4 hours, and only got about half of the backyard done.

Here is Tony's after:

Then finally, 50, 50-gallon bags later (we used every last one):

Just in time for the snow!

It had stayed in the upper 50s, lower 60s right up until the snow fall. Now, highs are in the 30s. And just like that, winter is here. And winter in this house means PROJECTS!! I'm really excited to get started. Here's what's on the list for this season:

1) New kitchen light fixtures
2) Turn a Craigslist tea cart into a fabulous bar cart
3) Paint the kitchen
4) Refurbish an old bench

And I've already started the organizing part. We have a bad habit of forgetting what food we have, especially dry goods, which seem to get lost in the cabinets. So after a little Pinspiration, I decided to make good use of all those Mason jars we have acquired.

The next step is to buy (or make) some chalkboard paint to label each of the jars.

More to come! What are your winter projects in the pipeline??

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