Friday, July 13, 2012

News and Booze

So....okay. Most of you probably already know by now, but if you don't...

I got a new job!

There. Big news revealed. Disappointed?

Here's why it's such a big me at least:

A) I have been trying to get a job in Durango for literally more than a year now. It is so nice to now spend my mornings eating breakfast instead of scouring the classifieds.

B) There is a lot of room for growth in this company and I can see myself working here for, oh...forever.

Let's all have a glass of champagne to celebrate! Or a bottle. Or two. Hey, it's a pretty good excuse, okay?

My official start date is July 30, since Tony and I will be spending the week before in Denver while he takes the Bar exam. (Let's have another glass at that thought, shall we?) In the interest of not having my entire life available via Google, Facebook me or text me or call me (novel idea) and I'll be happy to tell you allllll about it!

I feel like this hiring marks the end of my first quarter century. It has definitely been a great one, but I am way more excited about the one that's about to start. Hopefully it will be full of travel, family, love, new experiences, new friends, old friends and the general living of life to the fullest.

And along those lines, I would like to share with you my newest life goal: to make the world's best cocktail.

Okay, not really, but I do want to be able to make some kick-ass drinks without a second thought. As soon as we're a little more settled, we're going to start building the bar and I'm going to begin reading up on mixology. I've already started researching a little. For example: DID YOU KNOW that you're not supposed to store vodka in the freezer??? According to Death and Company:

"That business about keeping vodka in the freezer is a mistake. When you are mixing something over ice, you need a certain amount of water dilution to mellow the booze. If the alcohol is already cold the ice doesn't dilute the drink enough, and you'll get a very high alcohol taste in the drink."

So the other day, Tony's aunt made me a dirty martini with Sam's Club vodka - Rue 33 - that had been stored in a cupboard. Sounds terrible, right? Well actually, it was one of the best dirtys I'd had in a long time, and the gigantic bottle of vodka only cost $25! I went home and made the exact same martini with some Skyy vodka (same price) and it was TERRIBLE. I could hardly finish it. So then I bought a bottle of Rue 33 from her, immediately stuck it in the freezer and made the exact same cocktail again 24 hours later. And guess what? It was....just okay. Definitely much better than the Skyy, but I could still really taste the alcohol.

SO THEN!!!!!

After reading that little statement on Death and Company's site, I immediate went home, took the bottle out of the freezer and made that same dirty about 48 hours later. And guess what? It. Was. AWESOME!

So there's your first little tip from your friendly, neighborhood bartender-in-training. Do yourself a favor: run to your nearest Sam's, grab a bottle of Rue 33, leave it at room temperature and toast to this tip...and my new job.

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