Saturday, June 30, 2012

Durango...and stuff.

Alright. We've got a lot to catch up on, blogosphere. Since last we spoke (or I should say spammed your Facebook newsfeed with my blog posts), the fiancé and I were headed out of Tulsa to our new home in Durango. Well, we made it safely, thank goodness, and are loving the town, the views, the weather - no 100 degree heat or humidity here! - and our new home. However, the home is a catch22. I think. Actually. I'm not 100% sure what a catch22 is. Never read the book either. And I'm too lazy to look it up. Anywayz. We live up the mountain, so it's a beautiful drive into town everyday and it's cooler up here during the days. But. We don't. Get. Internet. Thus, why I've taken such a hiatus from blogging. Surfing the web is not easy on an iPhone. Neither is trying to copy and save links and photos for posts. But, blogosphere, I've missed you. And I'm constantly getting new ideas to blog about. So prior to this date, this blog has been mainly focused on fashion and design. Since perusing the Internet is pretty much impossible now, this blog is turning a new leaf. I think we're headed into lifestyle territory. I hope you enjoy!

Now, since we have so much to catch up on: a review of the past 2 months via Instagram.

 This post brought to you by my shattered iPhone. (See first picture.) Please excuse the photos spilling over the border. I can't control the size on my phone...

On one of my last days in Tulsa, I shattered phone in the most unlikely series of events. My phone was sitting on my lap in the car. I got out of the car, forgetting about my phone. It fell onto the curb as I stood up and at the exact same moment it hit the curb, I stepped on it. Crunch. Luckily I found some clear packaging tape to hold the screen together. Still works like a charm!

I know this is pretty much the worst picture ever, but I wanted to post it as evidence that Tony graduated law school. Hooray!

This is my GPS on our 15-hour drive to Durango. We rented a U-Haul Trailer, which Tony hitched to the back of his car. He was pulling so much weight that this is literally as fast as we could go (see speed). We didn't arrive at 8:01pm, by the way. We arrived at 11:50pm. False hope, GPS. False hope.

Oh, hello mountains. This is one view from our subdivision. Our street is there on the left.

Durango, taken from the top of the dog park, which has an awesome view of the town. And it's definitely not your typical dog park. Instead of an acre or two of fenced in dirt, this dog park is situated on the side of a mountain. It has several walking trails and is fenced in only by the mountainside and the Animas River. Pretty sweet.

So, while you don't get a house tour just yet, I will share with you a few photos of the best part of our home: the backyard. It's huge. Not only is it huge, it also has a rope swing, a garden growing strawberries and garlic, patio furniture, a fire pit, a chiminea, a gas grill, and a compost pit. All inclusive! We're renting the house from his Aunt and Uncle, who recently moved into town. So thanks to all their hard work, we get to enjoy this awesome space! This is the view off the porch right as you walk out of the house. A hammock is definitely going to be our next purchase.

Another view. We took these shortly after we moved in so the furniture isn't set up yet. But over there beyond the shrubs to the left is the garden.

The dogs love it.

 A few weekends ago, we road tripped it to Navajo Lake in New Mexico with Tony's Aunt, Uncle and cousins. That's their boat. It was beautiful, so much fun and only an hour away! However, the sunburn I developed - not so much fun.

Aaaaand finally.....Telluride.

This is seriously the most beautiful place I've ever been. And I've been all over southern New Zealand.
We went for the Bluegrass Festival. I'm not the biggest fan of Bluegrass, but I do love live music. And in this setting, it was too much fun. The best part is that Telluride is only two hours away from Durango. I see a lot of this in my future.

A lot of you have been asking about the fires here in Colorado and if we're okay. We've been lucky so far. Our home hasn't been threatened, b ut that threat is very real. Here is a photo taken at the festival a day after the Weber fire began to blaze. Those aren't clouds in the sky. That's smoke from a fire an hour and a half away.

Just sharing because I love this photo. This is Tony's Aunt and Uncle at the festival.
They love each other.

Us, on the other hand. Not so photogenically romantic. Here we are in our sweet sun hats. I'm happy to report, thanks to my ultra chic hat, I did not get a sunburn this weekend. Oh Telluride, I can't wait to see you again.

Good. So now we're up to date.

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