Sunday, April 15, 2012

Weekend Recap

Friday: Freaked out because of the pending storms across the midwest. There was a cell producing tornadoes in Norman and it was headed RIGHT FOR TULSA. Now. Let me preface this by letting you know that when I was little, I used to cry when it rained because I was so afraid that meant there was going to be a tornado. I'm happy to say I no longer suffer from this ailment. But when you work at a disaster response organization, in a frail house without a basement, in the middle of tornado alley...let's just say I wasn't the calmest on Friday. Luckily, Tulsa was spared and we only suffered moderate thunderstorms. Plus, staying in meant I was able to watch Blue Valentine. Oh, Ryan.

Saturday: Spent most of the day making these bad boyz:

Ballpark Pretzels with Jalapeno Cheese Sauce

This was my first attempt at making bread from scratch, and I have to say, it worked out prettttty well. It took me about 4 hours from start to finish, but it was definitely well worth it! Also survived the storms this night. I think a few glasses of a friend's homemade hurricane (theme party) helped with that.

Aaaaand Sunday: Spent pretty much the whole day on all fours, gettin' down and dirty. CLEANING THE HOUSE, PEOPLE. We had our landlord do a walk-through so we would know what to expect upon the big move (T-minus 3 weeks, baby). You can imagine what a fun day that made for, so I treated myself at the end of it by purchasing these...'FO FREE:

1: Tank | 2: Blouse | 3: Sweater | 4: Sandals

They're all Old Navy. I get "Thank You" points through my credit card, and as a part of that, you can get gift cards to a select few stores. I had my eye on the pastel blouse for a while, so I picked the Old Navy card and was able to scoop up the other 3 to max it out. I spent a whopping $0.66 on this purchase, thank you very much! Pun intended.

And the countdown to move-day continues...

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