Sunday, April 29, 2012

Instagram Collage

One: Super tasty brunch at The Coffee House on Cherry Street

Two: A nice, refreshing glass of champagne after yoga, waiting for take-out at Killkenny's.

Three: A minty-fresh manicure.

Four: My beautiful new Kate Spade wallet, courtesy of my first-ever tax return. Thanks, federal government!

Five: Thirsty Thursday at the Tulsa Dillers.

Six: Wet Newfy, mid tail wag, after a much-needed bath.

Seven: Homemade chocolate chip cookies. Baking is quickly becoming my favorite Sunday pastime.

Good luck on the week ahead, everyone! This week is my last week at work in Tulsa.



It honestly did not start sinking in, that in five days I will probably never see my co-workers again, until just typing that. I almost refuse to believe it. Welp, time for a mini freak-out. See ya!

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