Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Arm Party

Let's talk about arm parties.

arm par·ty [ahrm pahr-tee]
1. A collection of bangles, bracelets, watches and anything else you can wrap around a limb, piled high and worn on one or both wrists

Made popular by fashion and style bloggers around the world in early 2010s. Perfected by blogger Blair Eadie (see Atlantic-Pacific).

Did you see that bangin' arm party on Devon Rachel the other day? Yeah. I know. It had like 12 pieces in it! Gorg.

Arm parties have been around for a few years now. You would think the lavish and superfluous amounts of gold, silver, rhinestones and, more recently, neons, would have worn down and tired our wrists by now. But no. They continue to morph and grow with each passing trend, and damnit, they look good.

As you can see, my sad little arm doesn't have very many friends to invite to the party right now.

But don't mention it to her. She's sensitive about the whole issue. Something about money and saving and not spending $118 on a crystal(like)-encrusted bracelet? I don't know. Whatever. Sounds dumb to me.

Here are some of the A-list arm parties my arm will, sadly, probably never get invited to (click image for source):

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