Sunday, February 26, 2012

Stuff I Found

Phew! Finally done playing catchup on my Bloglovin' feed, and I'm sad to report I hardly saw anything that excited me. I'm disappointed because I feel like I keep seeing the same things over and over again on design and fashion blogs. Design: how many times are we going to see posts about poufs? Fashion: although I do love the floral and neon trends, I think we get it, bloggers. Let's all stop posting the same floral suit and Equipment blouse. Maybe I'm just not following enough blogs....although 80 seems like a nice round number. Maybe I need to bump it up to a solid 100...

Feeling pretty uninspired today, but, as promised (you can hardly contain your excitement, can you??), here are a few things that caught my eye this past week in the blogosphere:

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I mean, come on. Just look at that incredible view! And the interior is no less breathtaking. Light, airy with natural accents make this home an extension of its surrounding nature. So many more photos of the space on Freshome.

On our nice little Kansas City Getaway last weekend, we spent a good amount of time in the West Bottoms. Back in the day, the West Bottoms housed the famous Kansas City Stockyards, which flourished in the 1920s and 30s. We saw a lot of old photographs of the bustling jazz city, which centered around the stockyards, and I became so fascinated with what that area once was. So, it was at that time I decided we are going to somehow acquire a photograph of the stockyards (something like this, but ideally more aerial), blow it up and make it a focal point. This super cheap photo-framing DIY is exactly how I imagine displaying that photo. The pop of color on the sides is such a pleasant contrast with a black and white photograph. Love.

Alright, how have I never heard of Heidi Merrick before? While I can't afford anything from this designer (yet? Okay, probably never.), I can still drool over the simple silhouettes and her brilliant use of color blocking. So refreshing.

Thanks to NRP's favorite new artists of 2011, I came across this little beauty. The Alabama Shakes is modern soul mixed with dirty south. Please click the photo or link and take a listen. I'm already in love and the album isn't even out yet! Definitely marking April 9th on my calendar.

See that bold, modern birdbath back there? How much would you pay for that? $80? $90? How about less than $30?!? It's an Ikea candle plate, 3 dowels and some wood stain. SUPER cheap. SUPER chic. I'm definitely trying this DIY once we make the move. Click the photo for more views of this cool project.

So....I've been slightly obsessed with prefab homes for the past two years. I'm convinced I will live in a custom prefab home one day. It's a steep dream though because modern prefab has a reputation of being pretty darn pricey. However, I stumbled upon LivingHomes this week. And guess what? It's one of, if not the first AFFORDABLE modern prefab home. And what's even better? I's LEED certified. LivingHomes has been around for a while, but their newest home is the C6 - a 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 1,232 square foot home starting at $179,000. IKNOWRITE? I feel like that is the prefect size for a small, young family like mine, don't you think? Visit the site here to play around with their customization tools to see what your dream C6 would look like.

And finally, just a little gem from Prepfection. Pretty sure this whole outfit (minus the shoes) is from J.Crew. And pretty sure this outfit will be mine...right after I get over this whole "find a job" nonsense. Meh. On that note, I would like to find a job that would let me work from home, at least some of the time. And with that dream on the brain, I began to start creating my "dream desk." Stay tuned for that post, which is inspired by this recent Z Gallerie banner:

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