Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Ahhh, there really is no better feeling than tired muscles and a satisfied stomach with a glass of wine around your lips and fashion blogs across your computer screen.

After a long day at work today, I got my butt kicked in Piyo and tried the chicken taco salad at Qdoba for dinner (highly recommend). I followed that up by sipping on a cheap tasty glass of Pinot Grigio and catching up on my Bloglovin.

Sometimes it takes a frustrating day to create the most relaxing evening. Mumford & Sons playing quietly in the background doesn't hurt either.

Since I've been sharing so much style lately, I feel it's time to share a little design. So, here are my new Harry Bertoia Bar Chairs:

Okay. You got me. They're not real. They're reproductions. Although I dream of a modern home where every piece of furniture is an authentic piece of art, I know I won't be able to afford even one original piece for at least 10 years. Probably more. And in the meantime, I'd really like to get off the Target bus. So recently, we stopped by a local second-hand store that was going out of business and they had these two beauties at a really great price. Sure, we don't have a bar in our house, but they were a great deal. AND they were in perfect condition. What was I supposed to do? Not buy them? Please.

Side note: I've always been really drawn to Harry Bertioa chairs, and I didn't really understand why until a recent visit to my Grandparents' house where I found THIS:

Authentic 1950s Knoll Bertoia Lounge Chair. Turns out they had a whole dining set, a few lounge chairs and even the chaise when I was really little. Now it all makes sense. Unfortunately, they gave them all away for free (can you believe it?!) and all that's left is this little guy.

So until I can be as fortunate as my grandparents, knock-off bar chairs will sit proudly in my bar-less living room. But the good news is, now I have somewhere to put my CB2 Squirrel and West Elm Mongolian Lamb throws (which I got on SUPER sale, by the way).

Instagram again. I know. I'm starting to annoy myself, too. I really need to invest in a camera soon. Promise. But first, I think I'm going to invest in some nude pumps and this chambray. Priorities, people. Priorities.

Miles and Bjorn decided to relax along with me tonight. Hope you all are able to regroup a little this week as well.

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