Thursday, February 16, 2012

Quick Post - Stuff I Found

So, I decided on Fridays (or its surrounding days, if I'm being realistic) I'm going to share a collection of photos/posts from blogs that inspired or impressed me most throughout the week. However, I was keeping this week's said collection in the form of an e-mail. And wouldn't you know. Like magic! It's gone. I only was able to salvage a few links, so I'm giving up, sharing what little I've got and starting fresh next week. Click the photos for post source/credit.

Isn't this the most perfect Valentine's Day outfit ever?? Monochromatic color blocking is so big right now and I am lovin' every minute of it! (Head over to Cupcakes and Cashmere for more views.)

Also blowin' up still are neon colors - for your abode and your apparel. This cute twine DIY gives any little corner an easy pop of color.

WHOA. Now, I've never been a fan of painted floors. Pretty much ever. But I was blown away by the above makeover. It's painted plywood made from a stencil. All done by hand by the homeowner. And she claims it only took her about 20 hours of work! It would take me more like 20 months of work if I ever tried to do a project like that, and it still wouldn't look this good!

And last but not least...did you know you can buy an array of Ikea products on Amazon?? Who cares? Those of us in the Midwest care. A LOT.

When it comes to Ikea shopping, Midwesterners (pretty sure I just made that word up) have only two options:
1) Take off work and plan your whole weekend around the trip to a store, as the closest are in Chicago or least 5 hours away from anywhere.
2) buy online and end up A) spending at least twice the cost of the item on shipping or B) disappointed because, "Sorry, this product is not for sale on our website, *ahem any lamp ever* check if it is available in your local store," which we've already discussed...doesn't exist.

Well, guess what? I just found out there are a TON of third-party vendors that sell pretty much the whole store and are more than willing to ship to you at a reasonable price. Sure, the list price is higher, but when you factor in the gas for the road trip or the poke-your-eyes-out Ikea shipping cost, it more than makes up for it. Check it out!

Are you excited for next week's more beefy "Stuff I Found" post?? Shh....I'll pretend that was a yes.


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