Tuesday, January 31, 2012

See what I mean? There's only a few pieces of color in there:

a) A red dress I bought from Ann Taylor LOFT that I will never wear. I even took it to a tailor and it's still extremely ill-fitting. (Disclaimer: I love LOFT. About half of my closet - literally - is from there. But this dress was the only one left in my size, and it was unfortunately sewn poorly, and I, unfortunately, bought it anyway. What was I supposed to do? NOT BUY IT?? Please.
b) A child's Kansas City Chiefs jersey (goooooo Cheifs!)
c) And this coral dolman cardigan I bought on sale at American Eagle for $10 (woo woo!) when I first has the notion to beef up my wardrobe.

Hopefully this time next year you'll need RAYBANS TO OPEN MY CLOSET. Or at the least a little more variance.

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