Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Fashion compliments Design

I never thought I'd say this, but thank goodness the holidays are over. There were too many good sales going on at every store you can think of to tempt me. I need to get back on track with my spending. I'm still expecting a couple more things, then I'll share with you my sweet deals. In the meantime, I want to share some outfit/design elements I found over the past week to obsess about. Coincidentally (or is it?? No. Probably is.), the styles sort of match up.

Here are some looks I would like to wear to their corresponding locations:
(Click on each photo for more pictures and site location.)

Bright Ideas

First of all, I have the biggest girl crush on Blair Eadie of Atlantic-Pacific. Her style is fine-tuned, as you can see demonstrated by her perfect neon color-blocking skills and metallic accessorizing.
Second of all, if I owned this outfit, I would most likely own this fire wall too:

This awesome outdoor space is at the Saguaro Hotel in Scottsdale, Arizona (via Design-Milk). I'm sure the fireplace is some version of EcoSmart, which is pretty much the coolest, since you don't need a chimney of any kind. I could totally have this in my future backyard. No problem.

Rustic Charm

Because how can you speak of rustic style with out a rust color? This AMAZING outfit is from Natalie over at Like Fresh Laundry. #1) I love the colors. #2) I kind of have this thing for tapered pants right now. Unfortunately, tapered pants are for girls with no hips to make them look like they have hips. Worn by someone, like myself, that already has a pretty good set goin' on, the result is....a little more Moby Dick than what I'd normally go for. Innocent people on the street, they don't deserve that kind of treatment! But I can still dream. Also, the polka-dot pairings in the blouse and scarf are perfect.
Along with that same rustic vibe is this kitchen (via desire to inspire):

What I really love most about this kitchen is the white subway tile back splash. That is an absolute must on my future kitchen wish-list. I'm also always drawn to white rooms with natural (usually wood) accents. I would love a house full of white rooms, but I don't know how they would ever stay clean with these two monsters around. (WHERE can you find that smokin' outfit I'm wearing? Ha. You couldn't afford it.) Stay tuned for a whole post dedicated to white rooms.

Autumn Remnants

And finally, I'll close with this look from Really Petite. Although I'm not too crazy about the styling here, my 3 favorite elements are all there: mustard, stripes and denim chambray. The chambray is so versatile, I think I could wear it with literally every outfit. Wedding dress? I'm sure I could work it in. Unfortunately, I'm being really picky about what kind of chambray I want, so I'm holding out for this little gem. Like I said, holiday sales got the best of me, so I need to lay off for a while. This outfit reminds me of fall, and for some reason, so does this house (via Freshome):

It sort of has the same color scheme going on, and the architecture is so incredible. Definitely do yourself a favor and click for more exterior and interior views. This is how houses should be built - around nature, not plowed right through it.


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