Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New blog. Again.

After using both Blogger and Tumblr, I've come to conclusion that Blogger is more user friendly for me. I transferred my posts over, but didn't want to take the time to format them, but, you get the idea. I hope you enjoy the new layout :-)

Inspiration in Architecture; Art

What follows are two of the most inspiring homes I've seen in a while: one in America and one in Thailand. Please click the photos (or links) below to see more images and read more about the homes - you'll be glad you did!

Below that is an amazing seaside getaway in Vietnam. I would definitely consider this place for a stop over on our honeymoon! It's relaxing just looking at the photos.

Finally, below that is an incredibly innovative and mind-bogglingly-talented artist. His paint is soot from a lit candle which he cultivates into out-of-this-world pieces and portraits. WANT. You can also watch a video (via the link) to see him in action.

Hope you enjoy these as much as I did!

The Orchard House

Villa Amanzi

Six Senses Con Dao

Steven Spazuk

(photos courtesy Design-Milk, Dwell, and Desire to Inspire)

Closet Check List

So, just for fun, I decided to create a checklist for the closet I'm working on. This list only includes the basics - those which will never go out of style. Trends will be traded in and out, but these will remain the staples:

Here is my check list so far:

If you think I should I forgot something, or if you want a larger, digital version of this list to start checking off for yourself, just let me know! :-)

Baby's First Business Trip.

Today I got to put on my big-girl pants and hop on a plane to Houston for my very first business trip! Once I arrived at the airport, I was surrounded by suits and briefcases. Finally, I thought. I've graduated into the real working world, jumping on early morning flights to make important meetings in neighboring states. I received my formal initiation into this elite world when my professional seat-mate asked me during our decent, "So, what brings you to Houston?" This guy was the real deal. Earlier on the flight, he chatted insightfully about how surprisingly full the plane was. "It's always the 6 or 7 a.m. flights that are packed," he mused. "That's why you always schedule for the 8." He wore suit pants with penny loafers (easy removal through security, people). His OtterBoxed-smart phone cowered on his lap next to his single carryon that contained his suit coat. He wore a lightweight NorthFace in its place. I stood up to take off my winter coat. "Never know if it's gonna be hot or cold on these things," he said. He was right. You don't! That's why you always pack your suit coat and wear your trendy NorthFace, DUH. Professional. Back to my initiation. "So what brings you to Houston?" I wasn't sure how to respond. How are these conversations supposed to go? Is he my single-serving friend now after that awesome jacket conversation? (See: Fight Club) Should I tell him this is my first business trip? Should I try to impress him with my humanity by telling him what nonprofit I work for? How much information is too much information? There's too many variables here! "Uh...business," I stumbled. His perfectly coifed salt-and-pepper cowlick stared back at me. "Work trip," I clarified. You know, just in case he was unsure the definition of "business." He sat silently. It was then that I realized, in my distressed jeans and oversized sweater, to him I probably looked more like a spoiled 14-year-old on her way to visit a rich stepfather than a sophisticated businesswoman. When my parents took my sister and I to Disney World once, we thought it would be a great idea to trick people on our flight into thinking we were from a foreign country by speaking only in gibberish. Nobody bought it. Mr. Professional wasn't buying it either. "It's our day off today," I continued, desperately trying to convince him I was really a 25-year-old woman with a full-time job and health insurance rather than a bratty teenager. "Save the suits for tomorrow," I offered. He laughed politely and magically disappeared into the Blackberry and P-card mist! No. Actually, he just sat silently next to me the rest of the flight, uninterested in my little business fantasy world. So much for those big-girl pants.

My Bro-Out Recovery

(This post has been delayed because my finance is a sore loser. See **)

Last weekend Tony and I drove down to Dallas for the Cotton Bowl to watch the Wildcats beat the shit out of the Hogs. Aaaaand judging by the picture below, you can see that it didn't quite turn out that way.

**THIS is where I wanted to post a photo of Tony in a Razorback shirt with a bitter expression on his face. However, said bitter man refuses to put on the shirt that he lost (won?) betting on the game, let alone let me take a picture of him in it. LAME.**

It was a fun weekend. We had some pretty good seats at the Cowboy's dome (which is the most incredible football venue, b-t-dubs), Tony got to see pretty much all of his old fraternity brothers for his birthday weekend, one of my best friends got engaged, and we were able to stay in an super nice room at the Omni Fort Worth. Sounds pretty good, right? Well, what I haven't told you yet is that I drove down with 3 guys, hung out with a group of about 15 of them, and shared the hotel room with 9 of them. Yep, about half the trip was spent in relatively small, enclosed spaces surrounded by unabashed bodily functions and penis jokes. The boys are all really fun, great people, but there is only so much bro-ing out this girl can take. So, to compensate, I am spending tonight drinking wine, painting my nails, perusing fashion blogs and watching lots and lots of HGTV. Ahhhh....sweet, female bliss.

While I unwind and re-connect with my feminine side, I thought I'd share the blogs I'll be browsing. Hopefully you can find some style inspiration somewhere in there!
(Click photo for website)

9to5Chic. This blog has lots of well-crafted, layered city looks that always make me want to move to San Francisco. It's called 9to5Chic because her looks are mostly business casual that I, unfortunately, couldn't get away with at work.

A Lovely Escape. I like this blog because she's Chicago-based, so she posts more winter-friendly styles than a lot of outfit blogs out there.

Atlantic-Pacific. I've already talked about my obsession with this blog. Need I say more?

Devon Rachel. Devon's style is pretty similar to Atlantic-Pacific, so of course I'm going to like it. Lots of colorful, feminine looks to drool over.

Late Afternoon. This blog is great because she combines outfit posts with online finds in a style that I can't get enough of.

Like Fresh Laundry. I love this blog because she always mixes pieces I would never dream of putting together, and it always. works. perfectly.

Oh Joy! This blog is awesome because it's not just fashion, it also includes food, home decor, parenting (not that I'm going to need that advice anytime soon) and guest posts. There's beauty in every post.

Prepfection. Prepfection is nothing more than a compilation of all things prep in a series of hundreds and hundreds of photos. So much eye candy here.

Really Petite. Now, I definitely don't follow this blog because I'm a size 00 and have a hard time finding clothes that fit my frame. I follow it because she posts mostly work-appropriate outfits that help me get out of my sweater-trouser rut.

Until next time!

Fashion compliments Design

I never thought I'd say this, but thank goodness the holidays are over. There were too many good sales going on at every store you can think of to tempt me. I need to get back on track with my spending. I'm still expecting a couple more things, then I'll share with you my sweet deals. In the meantime, I want to share some outfit/design elements I found over the past week to obsess about. Coincidentally (or is it?? No. Probably is.), the styles sort of match up.

Here are some looks I would like to wear to their corresponding locations:
(Click on each photo for more pictures and site location.)

Bright Ideas

First of all, I have the biggest girl crush on Blair Eadie of Atlantic-Pacific. Her style is fine-tuned, as you can see demonstrated by her perfect neon color-blocking skills and metallic accessorizing.
Second of all, if I owned this outfit, I would most likely own this fire wall too:

This awesome outdoor space is at the Saguaro Hotel in Scottsdale, Arizona (via Design-Milk). I'm sure the fireplace is some version of EcoSmart, which is pretty much the coolest, since you don't need a chimney of any kind. I could totally have this in my future backyard. No problem.

Rustic Charm

Because how can you speak of rustic style with out a rust color? This AMAZING outfit is from Natalie over at Like Fresh Laundry. #1) I love the colors. #2) I kind of have this thing for tapered pants right now. Unfortunately, tapered pants are for girls with no hips to make them look like they have hips. Worn by someone, like myself, that already has a pretty good set goin' on, the result is....a little more Moby Dick than what I'd normally go for. Innocent people on the street, they don't deserve that kind of treatment! But I can still dream. Also, the polka-dot pairings in the blouse and scarf are perfect.
Along with that same rustic vibe is this kitchen (via desire to inspire):

What I really love most about this kitchen is the white subway tile back splash. That is an absolute must on my future kitchen wish-list. I'm also always drawn to white rooms with natural (usually wood) accents. I would love a house full of white rooms, but I don't know how they would ever stay clean with these two monsters around. (WHERE can you find that smokin' outfit I'm wearing? Ha. You couldn't afford it.) Stay tuned for a whole post dedicated to white rooms.

Autumn Remnants

And finally, I'll close with this look from Really Petite. Although I'm not too crazy about the styling here, my 3 favorite elements are all there: mustard, stripes and denim chambray. The chambray is so versatile, I think I could wear it with literally every outfit. Wedding dress? I'm sure I could work it in. Unfortunately, I'm being really picky about what kind of chambray I want, so I'm holding out for this little gem. Like I said, holiday sales got the best of me, so I need to lay off for a while. This outfit reminds me of fall, and for some reason, so does this house (via Freshome):

It sort of has the same color scheme going on, and the architecture is so incredible. Definitely do yourself a favor and click for more exterior and interior views. This is how houses should be built - around nature, not plowed right through it.


See what I mean? There's only a few pieces of color in there:

a) A red dress I bought from Ann Taylor LOFT that I will never wear. I even took it to a tailor and it's still extremely ill-fitting. (Disclaimer: I love LOFT. About half of my closet - literally - is from there. But this dress was the only one left in my size, and it was unfortunately sewn poorly, and I, unfortunately, bought it anyway. What was I supposed to do? NOT BUY IT?? Please.
b) A child's Kansas City Chiefs jersey (goooooo Cheifs!)
c) And this coral dolman cardigan I bought on sale at American Eagle for $10 (woo woo!) when I first has the notion to beef up my wardrobe.

Hopefully this time next year you'll need RAYBANS TO OPEN MY CLOSET. Or at the least a little more variance.

Floss, Color and Text.

Happy new year everyone!

2011 was great. Not too eventful, save for some bling I received on my left finger, but a nice, solid year. 2012 is sure to be much more eventful. Some highlights include moving to Durango, finding a new job and starting this insane ritual people call wedding planning.

As far as resolutions go, I’ve picked 3 that I think can stick with:

1) Floss once a day

2) Never buy a piece of clothing without color (unless it’s a basic)

3) Blog regularly

Notice how there aren’t any resolutions that involve worrying less or losing weight? That’s because I believe new year’s resolutions should be attainable.

I haven’t been to the dentist in almost 10 years. What’s that? Oh. Sorry about that dry heave. I didn’t go in college because I never wanted to make the trip back to KC during the week. I haven’t gone in Tulsa because the process of finding a doctor or dentist is so arduous, and I know I’ll be leaving shortly anyway, so what’s the point of going through the hassle to find one in the first place? OK. You got me. The real excuse is I haven’t been in so long that I’m afraid of how disgusted they’ll be once I open my mouth. I figure if I start flossing once a day that’s at least 1 pat on the back they can give me, right? No? Well…can you keep your clean-toothed opinions to yourself, Mister.

I’ve recently realized that my closet is…well…monotoned. Nothing but shades of black, navy and gray in there, yet everything that I’m drawn to in magazines and blogs have some serious color going on. So this year, I resolve to only buy colored pieces, no matter how cute that heather-gray J. Crew sweater that I already have 4 similar versions of is. However, this clause does exclude basics like tanks.

And finally, this year, I hope to really start this blog. I’m not sure what it will turn into. I have zero expectations about its content or its relevance. But I do know that even though I figured out I don’t want to be a journalist, I do still enjoy writing. I also enjoy fashion and modern design, and would like an outlet other than Pinterest to share. So even if the only traffic on this blog is my mom, by gosh I’m going to give her something to read!

So happy new year, boys and girls. What are YOUR resolutions? Attainable I hope!


tUnE-yArDs. No, this isn't me reverting back to 2003 - a time when Xanga was the next big thing, and all female Xanga posts contained a nauseating combination of upper and lower case type. This is a new band I just found and think are very interesting. Okay. They're not new. And I didn't really "find them." But My former, cool, Xanga-thriving self likes to say I did. Regardless, I can't really turn off their latest album, 'w h o k i l'. I also can't really figure out if the singer is male or female or neither. But I like it! If you like this song, listen to this one too.

New blog.

So, we've already established that I hate word art. But all that negativity got pretty old pretty quickly for me. Don't get me wrong, the disdain is still there. But I feel like I want to share more of what I love and find interesting than more of what makes me want to vom. (And there's much more love than vomit, thankfully.) So I decided to try a new blog.

I would say, on average, I spend about 2 hours every day perusing modern interior and architectural design blogs. Some people have Facebook. Some people have Twitter. Some people have Pinterest or porn. I, myself, enjoy wasting my life on the internet drooling over Harry Bertoia Diamond Lounge Chairs and the many Prefab companies sprouting up across the country. So I would guess most of the content will consist of design-related posts. But who knows.

Since this is my first post, I'll preface this blog by saying that I have absolutely no design experience. I did nothing but ballet and music lessons growing up, and I studied journalism in college. I currently work for an international non-profit. No. Design. So I may not really know what the hell I'm talking about, but at least I've given you a warning.

(What did you expect when you clicked that porn link? Yeah, right. Like I'd really reveal my favorite, members-only cosplay site. Pshh.)